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MULTIHULL Whether a trimaran or catamaran; multihulls have their own unique brand of performance and instrument system requirements. Both cruising and racing multihulls benefit from this B&G system, whether crewed, short-handed or single-handed. Dual boat speed inputs with independent calibration can automatically switch to the optimum sensor. Measurement and calculation of key wind data is corrected for mast rotation angle. There is the ability to correct linearity errors in boat speed measurement over a wide speed range.

Key System Components include

H3000 Hercules Performance CPU

Pilot with Halcyon Gyro-Stabilised Compass

Dual Speed sensors

Mast Rotation sensor


Benefits of this system

This system utilises many of the multihull specific features implemented within H3000. Boat Speed is measured from dual speed sensors, with the CPU selecting the favoured data automatically using either wind angle, heel angle or a combination of the two. A mast rotation sensor is used to adjust wind angle data to correct for the angle of a rotating mast.

The Pilot ACP, using the Halcyon Gyro-Stabilised Compass, is a race proven multihull Pilot with a choice of steering modes including True Wind Angle. Other functions include Auto Response switching to respond to changes in sea-state and Recovery Mode to correct for rogue waves or significant wind shifts. Additionally the Pilot can steer to a Target TWA from the Polar Table stored in the CPU.

Deckman tactical navigation software is used to great effect to call laylines and time-to-mark when racing at high speeds.



True Wind Angle Analogue displays for cruising applications

30/30 HV or 40/40 HV displays for larger multihulls

WTP2 processor based systems for special projects

Dual Pilot systems for solo and short-handed sailing