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Parker Poland Sp. z o.o. realizuje projekt w ramach działania 3.4. dotacje na Kapitał obrotowy Programu Operacyjnego Inteligentny Rozwój 2014-2020

Celem projektu jest:” Dofinansowanie do Kapitału Obrotowego – w związku ze spadkiem obrotów spowodowanych pandemią COVID-19, określonego we wniosku
o dofinasowanie nr POIR.03.04.00-14-0330/20”

Dofinansowanie projektu z UE: 127 128,00 PLN.

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PN-EN ISO 9001:2015
AQAP 2110:2016

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CRUISER RACER B&G understands the requirements of the dual-purpose yacht that is competitive on the racetrack, and comfortable for family cruising. This flexible system is capable of winning amateur regattas yet is simple enough to be operated by an enthusiastic cruising crew. Accurate and reliable racing functionality combines with cruising fundamentals. The Graphical Function Displays enable clear visualisation of data whilst the integrated Pilot provides reliable and responsive auto steering.


Key System Components include:

H3000 Hydra CPU

Vertical Masthead Unit


HV displays

ACP Pilot

Benefits of this system

Accurate and repeatable data is always important. Safety decisions such as whether to take out a reef while cruising need to be made with at least the same level of confi dence as calling a layline when racing – this system allows the skipper to make the right decisions, cruising or racing.

The H3000 Hydra CPU combined with high quality sensors, including a Vertical Masthead Unit, provide accurate data to the system, which is then displayed to the crew on a choice of displays. The large digit 20/20

HV displays mounted on the mast provide clear view of the key data, even with a cockpit full of crew or family.

The GFD display allows more complex data, such as graphical representations of wind trends or depth, to be viewed easily whilst the clarity of an Analogue display is often appreciated by less experienced members of the crew, particularly for Wind Angle.

The ACP Pilot provides a competent extra pair of hands when required.



Extra displays for larger yachts to give all crew access to relevant data

Halcyon Gyro-Stabilised Compass for better Pilot performance by using stabilised heading, heel and trim data

Forestay loadcell for monitoring rig loads

RemoteVision for racing information on the rail. Its integral compass can also help call the laylines

Realizujemy projekt w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Innowacyjna Gospodarka Poddziałanie 6.5.2. „Wsparcie udziału przedsiębiorców w programach promocji”